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New introduction to Reflexive Autopoietic Systems Theory

Reflexive Autopoietic Dissipative Special Systems Theory:

An Approach to Emergent Meta-systems through Holonomics.

Adobe PDF Format 001019y (Version 0.49)

by Kent D. Palmer, Ph.D.

A printable copy is available now here.
See the manuscript of the working papers related to this introduction.

International Society for the Systems Sciences
Conference Toronto 2000
Papers by Kent Palmer, Ph.D.

SIG: What is Life and Living?: 
Defining Life And The Living Ontologically And Holonomically 

SIG: Research Toward a General Theory of Systems: 
New General Schemas Theory: Systems, Holons, Meta-Systems & Worlds

SIG: Duality Theory: 
Intertwining Of Duality And Nonduality

SIG: Processes and Human Processes: 
Holonomic Human Processes

SIG: Spirituality and Systems: 
Genuine Spirtuality And Special Systems Theory

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Research Note

Autopoietic Reflexive Systems

A General Theory of Ultra-efficient Special Systems and a new view of the nature of Holonomics

By Kent Palmer 1995

The Ontological Foundations of Autopoietic Theory


by Kent Palmer, Ph.D.

Autopoietic Meta-theory: Paradox and Supra-rationality

Adobe Acrobat PDF file

by Kent Palmer, Ph.D.

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