by Kent Duane Palmer, Ph.D.

Draft #1 Version B

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copyright 1996 Kent Palmer

all rights reserved

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release date 960610



This ZIP files contain the Adobe Acrobat PDF formatted book called



You can get an Adobe Acrobat reader from http://www.adobe.com.


This book is about the philosophy underlying software engineering,

software design meta-methodology, and the future of software process.


The book is copyrighted and all rights are reserved. No rights to this

book have been given up by it's release in an electronic form.


Permission is given to download and view the book by an individual. But no

one may store the book in a publicly accessible electronic forum of any kind

without the express permission of the author. Portions of the book are

copyrighted by others. Refer to those others concerning the exercise of their



The book may not be sold, traded or otherwise distributed for profit. The book

is being distributed for review purposes only. Please send your comments to the

author. You can use the notes function of Acrobat to make notes and then send

the notes file to the author.


The book consists of sixteen Adobe Acrobat files named WILDSnnB.PDF which

have been formatted to optimize viewing using the Acrobat reader. Load file

WILDS00B.PDF first and use the hotlinks to move through the book. Many

of these hotlinks are invisible until you place the hand cursor over them.

A few hotlinks are rendered visible with colored dotted lines. Some will

invoke Netscape to connect to websites.


For the latest version use the World Wide Web to access Apeiron Publishing

at URL http://archonic.net/apeiron.html


Normally the book may be accessed at URL ftp://ftp.dialog.net. You must first register

as a guest in the DialogNet BBS. Telnet to the BBS and set up an account, then ftp to the

file system. You will find the latest version of Wildsoft.zip under the /resources/apeiron directory.


You can also try ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/th/thinknet


I hope you find the book interesting. Let me know what you think of it.


Kent Palmer

PO BOX 1632

Orange CA

92856 USA